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SA002 - Safety Underground

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SA002 - Safety Underground


This coursecovers two modules: Gas Testing and Cover Lifting. Learners are provided withthe knowledge and skills to identify the hazards and potential risks involved inworking safely on or in proximity to underground structures and operational buildings. This accreditation particularly is aimed at those individuals who undertake work in a telecommunication (or similar utility) environment. It also enables learners to gain knowledge of compliancewith Health and Safety legislation. The course testslearners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dangers associated with these works and the safety precautions required while working in the underground network.

Training Locations

Bedworth, Bury - Please see Scheduled Dates below for more information

Course Aims

This course does not qualify an individual to enter a confined space. Those individuals who need to enter confined spaces MUST hold appropriate accreditation / qualification to enter confined spaces. Any references made in this material to confined spaces are for information only and to makelearners aware of the risks and presence of gases that may also be present in confined spaces.Note: This course does not qualify people to enter confined spaces

Course Content

This course covers two modules: Gas testing and cover lifting. It provides learners with the skills and knowledge of the hazards and potential risks when carryout a gas test to themselves, their immediate surroundings and the public and how to lift coverssafely in line with manual handling principles. It also helps learners’ awareness of compliance with health and safety legislation. The course tests learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of lifting covers and carrying out gas tests safely. This course ensures that leaners involved ingas testing and cover lifting are suitablytrained and accredited to the National Operational Standard (NOS). This course is aimed at those gas testing and cover lifting s in a telecommunications environment.


SA002 - Saftey Underground


1 Day


This course is available to anyone over the age of 16. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.Centres must ensure potential learners’suitability for this courseand identify any specific needs/ reasonable adjustments that may be required.


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Scheduled Dates

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Bedworth 13/12/2021
Bury 13/12/2021
Bury 13/12/2021
Bedworth 13/12/2021
Bury 13/12/2021
Bedworth 20/12/2021
Bury 20/12/2021
Bedworth 20/12/2021
Bury 20/12/2021
Bedworth 03/01/2022
Bury 03/01/2022
Birmingham 03/01/2022
Bedworth 10/01/2022
Bury 10/01/2022